After an up and down few weeks we decided to take Dominic out of Mick Barrett Racing. We felt that Dom was not yet ready to be doing what Mick wanted. We appreciate what the team have done with Dominic but decided best to run him ourselves and see how he gets on.

Since then we have been approached by a few teams that run cadets only. A lot has been said about how Dominic has been handled in the past by many people who really love Dominic. Running in a team with just cadets is a good thing, as unlike MBR he will have other kids his own age to play with etc. Dominic is still along way from competing for the lead, but does have the dream to do so.

Anyway a number of factors have come to light and we are pleased to say that Dominic is now running with the Zip Allstars Team. Dominic already knows 3 of the other team mates at Zip, he really likes Luke Hines the team boss. These were the major factors in the decision to go with Zip.
Over the last year I have learnt a lot about this Karting game. I listen to everyone and quite frankly money  appears to be the main reason these teams are running drivers. A kids sport that is suppossed to be affordable is not really for most families.Making the sport only affordable for those that have a little extra than the average. With that in mind it appears that the drivers with the biggest budget tend to be the drivers that excel in the sport. The teams build the dream of the parents that one day their son may drive F1. Explaining if you tested more if you spent more on engines and set ups etc then they would be at the front of the grid, parents listen to the advice and spend the extra money, it is very hard to find a team that really are or have the kids interest at heart rather than their own pocket. I am not attacking any individual team here I am just pointing out to anyone who is considering running their son or daughter that this is in my opinion the way this sport is so choose carefully when considering who you are going to let influence your decision.

we are lucky as we have a number of sponsors, the Zip Allstars Team are looking to build a young team of drivers who will be competing in 18months to 2 years at championship level. I think this is the right way forward for Dominic. There is no pressure for Dom to be competing this year against kids who have been driving 3,4and 5 years longer than Dominic.The main thing, is does Dom enjoy his race days and weekends.  I think the Allstars Team will make sure he does, in the past Zip through Martin Hines
have shown that not only have they put some of this countries greatest young drivers through to F1 and other classes of motorsport they have done so by organising major sponsors for these drivers so that the cost does not rest on the shoulders of the parents. Lewis Hamiltons story proves just that. So I believe that the Zip team have the kids interests at heart.  

So a new chassis coming this week Zip lightning, engines are still being done by Steve Ogden. Dom will be testing Wednesday in new chassis. Depending how he gets on, he may be racing at Whilton Mill on the 24th. He had a great day in his Tony Kart yesterday at Tilbury doing a 37.4 second lap with 20 kids on the track. He overtook all of them no hesitation and lapped at least all of them once in 15 laps.
The times he was doing was as quick or quicker than the 2 or 3 Mini Max drivers on the track in the session after him. His revs were good top and bottom end and after some messing about with the carb temp were around 185 190.Good days testing.

So a lot of changes, lets see how it goes we are hoping Dom takes to Zip quickly and becomes a real main team member.