After the weekend it is clear to me that we need some more power. Tooley do a great job and to be fair to them they did sort us out a good engine to use this year. However Dom did not look like he was going to be up for it so I decided not to invest. That was a mistake, as Dom looks right up for it now but the engine is no longer available another team mate has it now. So with that in mind and the fact that I know nothing about this class I will have to start to learn. I will of course have it sorted by this weekend as that is my duty to try and give Dom the best I can afford and find. So testing engines Friday after I have made my mind up which ones to take with me out of the 7-8 I have been given to try.

Then we shall see what they are like on track and you never know we may even find one better than we already have fingers crossed.