Wigan again this weekend a new track to learn and hopefully a podium as we done last month. No podium due to no power and power issues all weekend until the final.

This was the first time we had lets say continued power issues, normally we have an issue and it is normally carb etc.
we had a power issue from the very start. however by completely changing our understanding of the carb settings we managed to get power up. This was strange and to be honest miles away from what it should have been. On track the power was not good and it seemed an intermittent problem one minute power was there then power really bad. With the last heat  on Sunday poor Dom had just got on with it no power but did not give up at all and out of the 25 plus field he still managed to qualify 11 for the final somehow. The 3rd heat we thought had gave us an answer as we put Doms worse engine on and he looked like he had good power compared to before, the times showed that and also what we could see on track. Dom was making a couple of mistakes here and there. 

Ok it was simple then must be coil issue lets change coil and go for the final he could still have a chance. With moments to go put engine on stand done our normal test and no still no power, crap thats it cant go out again like that. Only choice is now put other engine on no time, Peter calls over the radio that there had been a red flag, of we went with Peter letting us know we got to the grid on time but we had to go from the back that was our only option. Peter explained to Dom life is not always perfect better to be off the back with power than of 11th with out any.

A great drive from Dom in the final he got up to about 16th by second corner managed to get past a pack of 5 karts caught up to the pack in front which had about 6 karts in a train. Everyone defending and letting the front 4 get away there would be no way to get a podium finnish. with about 3 laps to go the number 29 kart made a bold overtake Dom spotted his chance and pushed the 29 kart through to lead the pack with Dom in second. Dom got a really good drive out of the bottom corner to the straight and got up the inside of the 29 Kart, however he decided to try and squeeze Dom of on to the grass with tyres rubbing and smoking Dom held the inside line and took the place. We told him to defend has he had no chance of cathing the front 4 and he done a great job finishing 5th overall.

So a good drive from a very professional Dom this weekend. To be honest he drove really well all weekend we the team let him down. I can easily say he would have won if the power would have been under his foot.