Dom did not do much to close the gap on the boys in front in the Lgm round at Kimbolton. With this being the lasy round before PFI I do not hold much hope in Dom improving his places. I was away on a well deserved golfing holiday. I think there was high hopes for Dom after his fantastic racing a rye house the week before. But he had again some timid starts which lost him places from the begining of the race, these places are hard to claw back although I was told he drove really fast and was quick he still let himself down at the starts.

Dominic is showing tremendous lap times now and is not far behind in speed, but if he is to move forward with this karting then he needs to start racing harder and making better starts.

In his defence he was only in the B final because of an engine oiling up on his second heat otherwise he would have sailed through lets see what next weekend brings