what a drive all weekend from Dominic, each day his confidence was growing and growing to the point that he eventually put in the fastest time of the day on saturday a massive 41.17 which was 2 tenths faster than eventual winner and good friend sean Butcher.

Qualifying Dom was the fastest Iame and managed a second place grid position for the first heat, Honda Clubman driver Zak parfett made pole, but was later disqualified for his engine not meeting the compliance. The first heat saw Dominic on the outside into turn one which he got hanged dry and fell back to 12th position. He fought back to 4th after but made a couple of mistakes which put him 7th across the line.

In the second heat he started 7th and had a good start and pushed through to 4th place, he was just 2 tenths of the leaders pace driving on his own.

The final came and because of his qualifying time he was starting 3rd on the grid, behind on pole Bradley kent and in 2nd Sean Butcher. He had a great start and pushed up to second after the first corner. Sean had dropped back to 5th and Dom and Bradley were bumper to bumper out front. Sean drove fantastic and worked his way up to 3rd and was on the back of Dom within a couple of laps. Then after a great move up the inside took first place from Bradley, he sent them both a bit wide in doing so and Dom tried to push by Bradley as well. Sean had pulled a few kart lengths on them but Dom and Bradley worked together to draw him back in.They drove round bumper to bumper like a train with Dom being really patient waiting for Bradley to make his move on Sean in the hope he would slip through up the inside. That however was how it finished with Sean taking a well deserved 1st place Bradley in second and Dom making the final step on the podium, there was only 2 tenths between 1st and 3rd showing how close the first 3 were. Harry platten took fourth who had also drove well all weekend. 

after the race Sean who is currently standing 10th in the Iame British cadet championships run up to Dom and said "we did it Dom 1st and 3rd they have been good friends all year and Sean was truly happy for Dom as Dom was for Sean. 
It was a fantastic end to a fantastic weekend a few tears from Grandparents and Aunties a really proud family Dominic has really started to improve in his last few races and we are now seeing what we have as a driver. 

Dom Your the man