As the season is coming to an end looking back it has been a good year. The new Iame cadet class i feel has been a massive success, the LGM series has given an alternative championship to Super one and has boasted grids of up to 60.
The Iame Gazelle Engine is a far more even engine to the old Comer class which of course was the pinacle of British Cadet for 20 years. The old class did us well and to be honest the Zip Team done their best to make the class as fair as possible.
But the old class seemed to be who had the best engine to be fair, with the Iame the difference is so small in good to bad engines that it does not really make that much difference unless of course you are a top top driver. I can honestly say that as we have a number of engines and the difference on track is small fom our best to our worst. So it is fair, the engines are well built and the carbs are very simple indeed.

Dominic's first year in Iame Cadet was good and bad all at the same time, he was the youngest in the super one series just pipping the fabulous Johnny Edgar by a few days. Johnny who was in his second year at the top level and is a great driver came 5th over all, Dom was down in 30th in his first year.
However most of the Damage for Dom was done in the first few races, towards the end of the season Dom with Peter Budds help started to shine even posting the 9th fastest time in qualifying. So we know that Dom can put in a fast lap.

Little green man was also good and bad but again most of the damage was done towards the front end of the championship.

Dom did start to show some fantastic overtaking and determination to win he even managed a great 5th place at Super one held at PFI and also had a fantastic B final coming from the back after a bad start to take 3rd and progress to the main final.
So all in all a good but bad year but hey that's Karting and plenty of good drivers on the grid make it just that bit harder to win unless you really have something special. Has Dom got that something well another year and being older etc we will wait and see, but Iame Cadet Super one, and Lgm is the way forward.