Well what can I say, their was only a few Karts in the race, 5 Iame drivers including this years runner up at the London cup who pipped Dom by just 2 tenths. 3 Comer drivers so 8 in total. 

Dom and Leonardo both worked hard together in time qualifying which saw Leo taking pole for the race and Dom second, the first heat Both pulled away from the rest and Dom came in first for heat one.

Second heat Dom was pole but after a long battle with Brook Childs and Bradley Kent, finished 3rd but he had done well and got pole for the final

The final Dom had a great start in pursuit was leonardo in the comer class Bradley kent in the Iame and again Brook childs in Comer. The four of them started to pull away and Dom leo and Bradley just seemed to have the edge for Brook to maintain pace with the group. After a few laps Leo took first but Dom was still in the lead for the Iame race, Dom and Leo were not racing each other and worked hard to try and pull away from Bradley but he held on. Finally Dom had to defend against Bradley which let Leo get away a few Kart lengths. Dom kept his nerve and defended really well but still keeping up his lap times, he crossed the line in first for the Iame race just 1 tenth in front of bradley which was the same time difference Bradley beat Dom at the London Cup. leonardo drove a great race and took the Comer victory both Dom and Leo had posted fastest time all day and were the fastest lap winners as well for their classes.

All in all a great race weekend for Dom with this only being the second time this year at rye he is showing that the superone series has really improved his driving.

Good one Dom first Msa race win