First Time racing this year at whilton Mill

November 29, 2016
We raced this weekend at whilton mill to be fair to Dom Saturday testing went really well especially since he has not done anything at whilton for atleast 3 years or so. However it is on the calendar for next year so mega testing required there.

Dom got up 4th in the end with, Alex Lloyd winning the race. Henderson Second and Knapton a fantastic debut 3rd in mini max. Dom was of course upset to get beaten by all 3. But to be fair if you make mistakes driving which Dom did that will happen especially from 3 drivers who have done loads in the last year or so at whilton.

So Dom my advice to you is keep doing what you were taught and learn the track ready for the Superone round next year.


Number 9 for Mini Max 2016

November 29, 2016
So after a up and down year Dominic managed to achieve a seeded number 9 in this years 2016 Super one British Mini Max championships. Dom was the youngest seeded driver of the season in his first year. So  excellent result to be fair.

When we started the year we did so with Tooley Motorsport. It looked fantastic during the winter but when the big meetings came and controlled tyres we just did not look like we had the same edge for some reason???????.So we joined Coles racing mid season. This o...
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Rissington Club Meeting

April 6, 2016
The good news is that we have been given a great engine to use by Ricky Grice. This has given Dom an engine nearly as good as what we have. Which means his lap times will not be that far away as they were before when testing. This you could see at Rissington last weekend. Dom started and drove well all weekend apart from one session, Could have done better in the heats but was starting from the outside in every heat, that is not easy at rissi. So a 7th place for Dom but could have been better...
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A lot of work to do with power

March 15, 2016
After the weekend it is clear to me that we need some more power. Tooley do a great job and to be fair to them they did sort us out a good engine to use this year. However Dom did not look like he was going to be up for it so I decided not to invest. That was a mistake, as Dom looks right up for it now but the engine is no longer available another team mate has it now. So with that in mind and the fact that I know nothing about this class I will have to start to learn. I will of course have i...
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British Open championship Rowrah 2016

March 15, 2016
Dom, went to rowrah for the o plate this weekend. Dom was a little off in testing despite the fact that 6 weeks earlier he came second to Jonny Edgar and had the fastest lap of the race. However altough the team felt it was Dom's driving I felt it was our test engine which to be fair to Dom who has given me the same feedback twice now I beleived it was engine. As soon as we put the race engine on he went atleast a second faster and to be honest regardless he looked better. So supers this week...
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Thrown in at the deep end in Mini Max and he swam alright

September 28, 2015
What can I say, Doms first ever mini max race was the last round of Superone at pf last weekend.Well I think all things considered he done really well finishing 18th in the final and started to look like he was getting to grips with the difference in racing. of course he was up against not just Britians best but the best drivers in Europe and possible the world in that class.

he was not slow so he had the pace he did not look out of his depth against this lot and to be honest showed at times s...
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Last Iame race London Cup 2015

September 28, 2015
Dominic had not been out all year in Iame cadet, after his auntie died suddenly it effected Dom for a long time, so we sold all his karting engine and chassis basically everything. However we started testing mini max with RandL and tooley motorsport around June this year but did not race.

Dominic decided he wanted to have one last crack at the London Cup at rye house before we turned to mini max. With borrowed chassis from fusion and borrowed engine from Ricky grice off we went. He managed a f...
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Dom is to join Tooley Motorsport

August 3, 2015
Dom is joining Tooley Motorsport for the next season he starts testing this month and throughout the summer holiday to get preparred for the last round as a guest in superone. After showing top pace at gyg when he tested with r&l which was a great couple of days we shall see he gets on at pf this summer testing.

he has been out of competitive racing all season so we do not expect to much from him that is for sure and his main focus will be on another series for next year.

Tooley have had good r...
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Mini Max for next year for Dom and a non msa championship

July 30, 2015
With dom looking forward to going up schools next year and after he really worked hard to make sure his exams went well 
we are now looking seriously to test and also race mini max at the end of this year and for next year. The plan is to race super one and test but our main focus will be in another championship. Dom has been testing for a few months and this kart is sfast and he is working with some very successful drivers in motor sport. 

The comitment dom has shown in the gym getting ready f...
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Dom looking to get back behind the wheel

May 15, 2015
It has been a nice quite time over the last few months with Dominic concentrating on his exams at school. Mum and Dad have got some of their life back outside the mad world of Cadet Karting where everything in life seems to work around kids karting.

Dom is still to small to move up to mini max but we have decided to let him test at the moment nothing big just the odd weekend to keep his eye in. With him growing up and maturing infront of our eyes we can see that he is a much more stable young ...
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We are pleased to announce that Dominic is under the watchful eye of John at driver performance based at Prodrive. Dominic is the youngest and first Karter to do so.Driver Performance is a tailored approach to the mental and physical side of the sport. Both Prodrive and ourselves are really excited about this partnership. They have a dedicated team to help get young drivers preparred for racing both now and hopefully when they become paid drivers.They believe the quicker young drivers get into a routine of fitness and diet that the better their performance on track. This is a very professional team and dp have worked with some of the top drivers in the sport. Dom will have weekly essements and a training schedule designed for him. with Monthly one to one sessions and a daily diet to make sure he is putting the right fuel in his body. 


To discuss your driver fitness requirements please contact 01295 273355 or email

Click here to download their corporate brochure

Me at a glance

Dominic Bush I am 8 yrs old and have been Karting since I was 6 and a half. I love the speed and driving it is my most favourite thing in the world to do. Team Dad and Dom is what we say on the way to a track when Im racing. My favourite F1 driver is Jenson Button he gave me a signed picture that said good luck with the karting. My favourite F1 team is mclaren. My favourite kart team is the Zip Allstars second favourite Zip Young Guns. I also love Boxing I have just started going to a club near by. My dad and grandad used to be Boxers. I could not beat them at that but i beat my dad at karting ha ha. This year I am on Novice plates and I am competing at club races. I am looking to join Super one and compete in British championships next year. My favourite Karter is Ben Barnicoat who drives for Zip. I like him and hope I can be as good as him one day. Luke Hines is my team boss and teaches me everything I have great team mates, I have to go now dad said this is a bit long see ya hope you like the site Dom.x

 My first year to date

I have had a funny start to the year and started with MBR for my first ever race at shennington I came 23rd in the B final. I was a little nervous Dad was really ill and so was Mick Barrett. My second race was at Fulbeck Lincolnshire Kart Club again with MBR team. I had problems with my engine and came last not good I was really upset so was Mick Barrett.

My 3rd race was at PFI again with MBR and It was really wet and to be honest I was a little scared with so many Karts on the track and the heavy rain so I did not start the final. We decided that enough was enough with MBR so we decided to come away from Mick Barrett Racing. It was a shame as we really liked the team but I think it was the right thing to do, Mick Barrett Racing have had loads of winners over the years and I think that it was  to much pressure for me so early on in my racing career. After a few weeks of testing at local tracks Jay a friend of Dad's suggested having a day with the Zip team. We were also approached by 2 other teams who wanted me to race with them.We joined Luke Hines and the Zip Allstars Team because Luke is really friendly and the team is full of drivers my age, I did not feel so much pressure I was determined to go back to Fulbeck and win the Novice trophy on the new Zip chassis. So back we went in March and my first trophy the win at Fulbeck in the novice trophy.

I went to Rye House next and won the novice trophy and the 5th place overall. I won the novice trophy again at Rye House the following month and a trophy for 3rd overall as well. I won a total of 7 Novice titles and 2 trophies for over all a 3rd and a 5th. Whilton mill was my first race on yellow plates no more novice starting from the back I came 25th out of 33 starters. I am now looking for my first trophy on yellow plates. I have improved alot since my early days I came 17th at the East Anglian Trophy in June just 7 tenths of the leader and winner Ronan Quin, that was the first time at that track and  he is 12years old so maybe next year my name will be on the trophy.

So alot of trophies and alot of change, if you are just starting out don't worry if you are not winning it does start to come.just keep practicing try and keep up with the fast boys and girls and it will click. Then the hard part is what im facing right now, learning the race kraft to turn that speed into victories. It is not easy because the grids are really big and everyone wants to win. But if you keep racing it will come just be patient.

Winners never quit and quiters never win


Dominic Bush

Aged 8yrs old





I had a good second year and have learnt alot, the highlight of the season was finnishing 3rd in the Televised London Cup held at Rye House. Superone was a very special event as was the LGM series. I should of fininshed Higher up as I seemed to be really quick in qualifying but my actual racing let me down a bit.

It is hard out there lots of drivers and they all want to win. Dad always tells me nothing worth winning is easy otherwise it would not be that special as anyone could do it. I realise how hard it is to win a British Title know and I am looking forward to doing battle next year.


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