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The story of a little boys dreams to become the future F1 World Champion


This is the story of Dominic Bush, who has a big dream at such an early age.

In my experience nothing can be achevied without a dream.

Some time ago a man had a dream to build a tunnel across the English channel. People said he was mad,

 Elvis Presley was a truck driver who had a dream to be a singer, but the Grand Ole Opry in tenesssee said  "go back to driving the truck Elvis, you will never make it in the music business",

 Thomas Edisson who invented the light bulb, failed over 3,000 times before he achieved his goal.

Walt Disney had a dream to build a theme park, but was turned down by investors on several hundred ocassions.

 If the dream is big enough the facts don't count. Lets be honest,  Never in the history of the world has a statue or monument been errected  to a cynic. And it is easy to find a cynic, the world is full of them. That's because it is easier to steal someones dreams than have one of their own.

 To do something great you need to step out of the crowd and never give up on your dreams. 

As in the words  of one of my great heros of all time ,Sir Winston Churchill - never never give in ............!!  

This is the Story of a little boys dream to become the future F1 World Champion,  and I for one, will suppoprt him every step of the way.

This website has been created to record the journey from the beggining of Doms dreams.

 Dominic, my son will always be a winner in my eyes, and we hope you follow his story with us.

 I look forward to the future and will always remind him that nothing worth having in life is easy, if it was everyone would be able to acheive it..........

The journey will have twists and turns but without knowing where you want to go how can you navigate towards it.


Good Luck Dom


Dominics Dad May 2011




This picture to the left is the first time Dominic went out on the track in he's Bambino he was age 6 yrs old. How worried were we? very is the answer. But he won he's class. That was the time we new this was not just a 5 minute wonder for him and we realised he really wanted this.

Dominics Dad



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